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Oasis provides services to corporate legal departments, law firms, and the vendors that support them. We bring order to legal technology so your business can make a greater impact. With a complete suite of eDiscovery applications in a fully-managed private cloud and custom infrastructure solutions in world-class data centers, you get the enhanced security, agility, and scalability you need.

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Make Your Own Suite of Technology

Choose from over fifteen of the industry’s top eDiscovery software applications in our collection of legal tech. Forget about licensing, deploying, or maintaining them–that’s our job. You’ll get access to the applications you need–fully managed by us–in a private cloud you control.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Oasis is the only cloud provider with infrastructure designed to meet the unique needs of eDiscovery. We optimize the hardware, data center, and security operations to work seamlessly with today’s leading legal technology in a secure, private cloud environment.

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Get the latest in eDiscovery news. Our blog brings together industry leaders in legal tech, cybersecurity, and eDiscovery to share their thoughts on the challenges we face–from data security to company culture. It's refreshingly readable.

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