We’re Oasis

We’ve been building eDiscovery solutions for the legal community since 2012. Many know us as the “vendor to the vendors” because we got our start working exclusively with eDiscovery vendors and consulting groups. In 2016, we began building solutions for law firms and corporate legal teams, giving them direct access to cutting-edge legal technologies without the burden typically associated with bringing them in-house.

Today, we deliver private cloud services, custom infrastructure solutions, and access to leading eDiscovery applications in world-class data centers while still maintaining the rigid requirements unique to the legal industry.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of database administrators, IT professionals, developers, and subject matter experts at the intersection of eDiscovery, security, and infrastructure management.

Brandon Law CEO
Saleem Dababneh COO
Andy Kennedy Executive Vice President
Aaron Maas Systems Administrator
Aaron Pyle Systems Engineer
Alan Mak eDiscovery Specialist
Anson Osbourne System Administrator
Brian Clark Senior Systems Engineer
Cecilia Henshaw Business Operations Manager
Christine Porras Director of Technology Solutions
Cole Buck Technology Solutions Manager
Dave Tiller Director of Sales
David Nichols Regional Manager
Edwin French Solutions Engineer
Eric Prince Technology Services Manager
Greg Wilcox Director of Information Technology
Hung Le Senior eDiscovery Specialist
Jacob Dababneh VP of Technology Services,
Jarrod Kimmel Director of Technical Services
Jeffrey Morales Senior Solutions Engineer
Jeremy Cheatham Senior Systems Engineer
Joseph Estrada Systems Engineer
Kezia Richman Business Operations Lead
Kimi Nakashima IT Systems Coordinator
Levi Roble Software Developer
Matt King Senior Solutions Engineer
Matt Kingdon Director of Information Security
Michelina Gibbs Professional Development Manager
Paige Mahler eDiscovery Specialist
Paul Wendt Director of Software Development
Rachel Carlson Marketing Assistant
Ryan Loper Creative Director
Tat Chunnui Technology Services Manager
Yury Summers eDiscovery Specialist

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